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SweetsIndia has large repertoire of sweets. Many popular Indian sweets are common throughout South Asia while others are specific to a certain region and are typical to only an ethnic group in India. The Indian sweets consist of milk, sugar and flour based confectioneries originating from the Indian sub-continent. Every Indian sweet has a particular taste and takes a long time to prepare.

Indian sweets also come in various shapes , colours and sizes. Indian sweets are also significant in Indian culture. Sweets are presented during festive occasions and ceremonies. Sweets also signify good omen, happiness and prosperity. In India every happy occasion is marked with the distribution of sweets.
Sweets improve and strengthen the bond between two hearts with mouth-watering taste. Sweets and mithais are rich in taste as, they are mostly made from pure ghee. Sweets and mithais like pedas, barfis, gulab jammuns, rosgollas, jalebi, halwa and a host of other sweets are in great demand today not only in India but also in foreign countries. When one plans to visit friends or relatives a packet of sweet is the easiest and unanimous choice. Mithai has been associated with our tradition and custom and has become an integral part of any occasion or festival. All type of mithais with an ethnic touch is found all over the world with varied tastes. This can be a good corporate gift and promotional tool to reward the employees and clients with, on special occasions, corporate events or convocations.

SweetsIndian sweets can be divided into two main categories broadly. First category consists of milk based sweets such as Rabri, Peda, Rasbari, Burfi etc. The second category consists of flour based sweets such as Malpua, Mohan Thal, Laddu, Halwa etc. Most Indian sweets are also made of `khoa` or `Mava` that is milk boiled to remove moisture. Adding butter, sugar and many other flavors these are made into various kinds of sweets Indian sweets are garnished with raisins almond, pistachio and the likes. Some common Indian sweets are Rasgulla, Gulab jamun, Milk beda, Jalebi, Sandesh, so on and so fourth.
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