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Indian Sweets In Foreign Countries
Indian sweets are not only popular in India but abroad as well. The non resident Indians settled abroad are sure shot customers but the foreigners equally have developed a taste for Indian sweets. All Indian festivals are celebrated abroad with a lot of pomp and show so the demand of sweets is also very high during festive and wedding seasons.

dry fruitIndian sweets are famous abroad is also understood by the fact that there are a number of branded sweet shops that have opened their branches across the globe. There are many Indian restaurants in every part of the world. All serve Indian sweets because of its demand.

Indian sweets are also exported abroad. All big sweet shops have brought their services on the net so that it is accessible all over the world. Now-a-days people can also order for sweets sitting in their homes because all sweets are home delivered when ordered on the internet. So this service has made it easier for the foreigners to order their favourite sweets right from India.
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