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Making of Sweets
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India is a country renowned for its range of food. The diversity of the nation has contributed towards the wide variety of food made here. The preparation of Indian sweets and savouries is an art that has developed over the centuries.Amritakumbha Sweets are fondly eaten all over India but they are prepared differently in every part of the country. The difference in climatic conditions and many other reasons are responsible for the variation of sweets in every part of India. In the northern part of the country a lot of buffaloes milk is found which forms very good quality mava when boiled and reduced. So in the northern part of the world sweets are mainly made of khoya or mava.

In the eastern part of India cow`s milk is found in plenty so a lot of sweets are made of cottage cheese. West Bengal is the undisputed king of sweet production. Bengali sweets are not only famous in India but throughout the world. The original mode and style of preparing sweets have undergone several changes and novelty. In the north eastern states like Bihar sweets have a combination of mava as well as cottage cheese. Certain sweets are also made by frying and then dipping into sweet syrup made by boiling sugar and water such as gujia, lengcha etc. Motichoor laddoo was also made in Bihar and then the whole of India adopted it.

 SweetsWestern part of India specialises in sweets like Puran poli, modak, Basundi etc. They are generally home made and amongst modern sweets all other sweets that are available in sweetmeat shops are eaten with delight.

South Indians have their own variety of sweets. They use a lot of lentils and vegetables to make sweets and Halwa is a famous sweet eaten in South India.
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