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Types of Sweets
Dry Fruit Sweets Halwa Mawa Mithai
Mithai Hampers Namkeen Confectioneries
Sweets are of many types owing to the ingredients that they are made up of.

 SweetsDry fruit sweets are made from cashew nuts, almonds, pista, and dried coconut kernal. These sweets do not contain any added flavors. Such sweets have a shelf life of 30 days.

In India, halva`s popularity became the root of halvais, the confectioners caste. Many Indian versions are made with semolina and ghee. Depending upon where you go, you can find types that use spices, nuts, or seeds. Non-semolina-based confections can be made from zedoary flour or veg (carrot, potatoes, beets or squash), fruit (bananas, mangoes, papayas) or legumes (lentils, peanuts, moong beans). Other ingredients can include cream, egg custard or coconut milk and can be flavoured with any number of nuts, spices and/or dried fruits.

 SweetsKhoya or mawa is a dairy product. Khoya is used in making many sweets dishes and gravy vegetables. It is considered as one of the important dairy products and in many houses it is very commonly used. Khoya can be made at home, though the method is little tedious. It is prepared by boiling and reducing the milk to a semi-solid stage. There are different types of khoya depending on the use of ingredients and moisture content.
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