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Other uses of Tea
  • Natural Hair Conditioner
    Boil water. When the water starts to boil, add tea leaves/bags. Remove from the stove. Strain immediately. This will make a weak infusion of tea. Cool this weak tea. Rinse hair with this mild tea infusion. Leave to dry. Rinse with water. Hair will turn shiny.
  • Skin Vitalizer
    Dab a cold, used tea-bag, on the skin. Leave to dry. With regular use your skin should have a healthy glow.
  • Getting rid of black rings under your eyes
    Place a cold, used tea-bag, on each eye daily. Relax and watch the difference after a few weeks.
  • Natural agent for aiding in curing Cancer Cardiovascular disease
    Scientific discoveries suggest that tea has Flavnoids, an antioxidant that combats free radicals in the body responsible for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • As a cure for Arthritis
    According to the scientisists at Case Western University in Cleaveland `Tea contains compounds that may help reduce inflammation and help arthritis. Scientists took two groups of mice and gave them injections of a substance that causes immune reactions similar to those due to rheumatoid arthritis. One group had regular water to drink and the other got water laced with polyphenols, chemicals found in green tea and, to a lesser extent in black tea. Nearly all the mice that drank regular water got arthritis-like symptoms, compared to less than half of the treated mice.
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