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Bark - Spice Producing Areas
BarkJangli Darchini is a large evergreen tropical tree reported to occur in the evergreen forests on the Western Ghats from Mysore and Coorg to Annamalais and Kerala etc.

Though Cassia China is not grown in India, it is reported to be growing wild in North Eastern States to some extent, hence considerable quantities of it are imported into the country.

Batavia cassia grows wild throughout the Malay Archipelago and yields a product of high value, though lower than that of cinnamon. It also grows wild in Indonesia, Philippines and forests of North Eastern India and Myanmar. All the so-called cinnamon bark from Sumatra, Java, Celebes and Timor is said to be derived from this species. Cinnamon bark exported from Manila is also believed to be derived from this species grown in Philippines.

Saigon Casia grows mostly in Vietnam and it is one of the most important cassia species that helps the country to earn foreign exchange. It occurs throughout the country from the upper Tonkin to Cochin China. It is now cultivated in the Annam area. The tree grows in any soil, even in the poorest, but well-drained mountain slopes suit it best. It is also reported that it grows in wild state on the hills of North Eastern India.

The quality of Cinnamon depends, among other factors, on the region where it is grown. Sri Lankan cinnamon, and cinnamon from the Seychelles Island are considered to be the best. In India, it is grown on the West coasts. At Anjarakkandi, Cannanore district of Kerala, there is a 248-acre Randa Tarra cinnamon plantation - one of the biggest and perhaps the oldest plantation in Asia. It also grows on the Western Ghats from South Kanara southwards at low altitudes. Still the quantity produced in the country is not enough, and India imports considerable quantity of cinnamon every year, since its consumption is extremely high.
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