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Basil Spice Farming
The Plant
The herb is hardy and perennial and attains 15 cm of height. The leaves are green on the upper surface and on the lower surface it is a bit purple in colour. The stem is quadrangular. If the leaves are slightly bruised delightful scent emanates.

Weeding New BasilPlanting
As it is hardy plant no special attention is required. There should be 22 cm of distance between plants and rows,because these plants have a tendency to get bushy.Weeding should be done at regular intervals. When the plant attains sufficient height pinch off the top shoots to induce leaf formation and to prevent flower induction. Drv period is essential between successive irrigation.

BasilBefore the plant begins to flower it needs to be harvested. The volitle oils are found on the underneath the leaf. The leaves should be immersed with lukewarm water before drying. The leaves are slimy to touch.

Drying temperature should not exceed human body temperature (98.4 F). Dry in a dark airing cupboard with door partly opened in a darkend corner of the green house. Spread the leaf evenly under nylon net so as to allow ventilation. Store the leaves in dark in air tight glass containers .
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