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Batavia Casia root
Batavia Casia rootBotanical name:Cinnamomum burmannii Blume
Family name: Lauraceae

Other common names:Indonesian Cassia, Java Cassia, Cassia Vera, Pedang Cinnamon.

The tree is found at all altitudes i.e. from sea level to 1830 meters, but grows best between 450 to 1350 meters. The most aromatic plants come from light, rich, sandy loams; although the tree grows well in other soils provided they are sufficiently open. The yield is variable, being dependent upon such factors as altitude, soil, ecosystem and whether wild or cultivated.

The best bark comes from the trunk; the bigger the trunk the thicker and more valuable the bark. The dried quills are sorted and graded according to length, color, thickness and aroma and packed accordingly and then marketed.

Presently it is not produced in India, but a bulk of it re-exported from India, which is sourced from Far Eastern countries. That is so because it grows in difficult terrain in India. In fact in the USA the bark of this plant is more popular than cinnamon.
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