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Celery Spice Farming
Celery PlantsClimate and soil
Celery is a Rabi season crop. It requires cool climate during growth stage and warm dry climate during maturity. It can be cultivated in all most all types of soils but well drained loamy soil suits it the best. Generally, this crop is cultivated by transplanting method. Nursery is raised during November and seedlings are transplanted in the main main field in early January. Flowering takes place during March and seeds mature by end of April.

Nursery Preparation
Land preparation for nursery: The land should be brought to fine tilth by 2-3 ploughing. Nursery should be raised in about 200 sq.m area for transplanting one hectare land. Manures and fertilizers should be mixed in soil properly at the time of land preparation. Beds of 3 m x 1 m size should be prepared for raising nursery.

Sowing time: First fortnight of November is suitable time for sowing of seeds in nursery.

Irrigation: First light irrigation should be given just after sowing and second after 5 to 8 days after sowing and then light irrigations are given as and when required to keep the soil moist up to full germination. Later on irrigations are given at and interval of 10-15 days. Seedlings become ready for transplanting in about 50-60 days. Weeding: For control of weeds in nursery, 2-3 hand weeding should be done depending on weed growth.

Celery SeedsSpacing: Celery seedlings should be transplanted at a spacing of 45 cm x 20 cm.

Harvesting of plants should be done when about 80% umbels turn to light brown colour. After harvesting crop should be dried on clean surface and threshed to separate the seeds. Grading is done with the help of sieve or vibrator.
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