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Fennel Spice Farming
Fennel SeedsClimate and soil
Fennel requires cool- dry climate. Frost prone areas should be avoided as this crop is susceptible to frost. Well drained loam soil and black cotton soils are suitable for cultivation of this crop. Rain fall during maturity spoil colour and reduce quality of fennel seeds. Generally, fennel is cultivated as Kharif as well as Rabi crop.

Land preparation: Land should be brought to fine tilth by one ploughing followed by 2 or 3 harrowing and planking. Transplanting of seedling in main field should be done during evening time. Suitable time for taking up transplanting of fennel is around 15th August.

Irrigation: Fennel is a long duration crop, during dry spell in monsoon and after the Monsoon; it should be irrigated as per the need. Generally 10-12 irrigations are given to fennel crop depending on soil and climate. Irrigation interval is longer in black soils as compared to light soils. Irrigation at the time of seed development is critical, therefore due attention should be given. First irrigation should be given on the day of transplanting and subsequent irrigations should be given at an interval of 15-20 days up to February.

After transplanting
Aphids: Aphid sucks the sap of tender parts of plants and affects the growth, adversely. Spraying of 0.03% solution of Dimethoate or 0.05 % solution of Phosphamidone or any systemic pesticide should be done to control the aphids.

Seed midge: Seed midge is a small dark shining insect having two transparent wings. It affects the fennel seeds. Female of this insect lays eggs on the ovary of flowers which hatches and small caterpillar comes out of seed. To control this pest spraying of 0.07% solution of Endosulphan at the flowering stage should be done. Spraying of Endosulphan should be repeated twice at an interval of 10 days.

Heliothis: This insect damages foliage and succulent parts of plant severely . For effective control of this pest, spraying of 0.07 % solution of Endosulphan or 0.04 % solution of Monocrotophos should be done.

Fennel Harvesting: Harvesting is done by cutting the umbels as and when they reach to physiological maturity (when seeds are fully filled up & green in colour). After cutting the umbels they are dried in partial shade. While drying, care should be taken for better aeration and umbels should be turned if necessary. The seeds are separated by beating the dry umbels with sticks followed by winnowing. Grading is done with the help of sieve or vibrator. For seed purpose, fully matured umbels are harvested.
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