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Flowers - Spice Producing Areas
FlowersRose is cultivated commercially in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal. It is commercially grown as part of floriculture and for production of essential oil and a product called `Gulkand`.

Capers are the buds of the unexpanded flowers of the said plant. It is a low trailing or prostrate bushy shrub with close heavy foliage. It grows in the South of Europe and North Africa. In India it grows in the low inner valley of Himalayas, Chamba, Kumaun, Konkan and Goa, Andhra Pradesh, (Deccan Peninsula), Western Ghats, Punjab, Rajasthan, and North Western India.

Saffron is a native of Southern Europe and cultivated in Mediterranean countries, particularly in Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Italy, besides of course India, Iran and the Orient. In India, the valley of Kashmir is famous for its saffron fields, located on both sides of the national highway on the Karewas, Pampore and of course in the Khshtwar region of Jammu. Saffron has a strong, pleasant aromatic odor and a peculiar exotic, bitter taste.

Rhododendron is a wild grown plant normally found on high altitude places known for its beautiful odorless flower. It is usually not known as a spice in commercial term. But the persons from Nepal, North Eastern India, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir who add its flower to meat dishes as spice for taste commonly use it as spice.
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