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Miscellaneous Spices
Clove Amchur Asafoetida
Karpoor Arrowroot Musk Mallow
Some spices do not come under any category of seed, fruit etc but yet belong to the family of spices.They are also used to impart flavour and taste to the food.Some common miscellaneous spices are as follows:

ClovesClove is one of the most ancient and valuable spices of the Orient, known as far back as the first century before Christ. The Chinese later knew this spice in 266 B.C. Clove was imported to Europe in 1265 A.D. Its source and place of origin were shrouded in mystery until the Portuguese discovered the Moluoca Island in the 16th century.

Amchur is not a product of ripe mango. It is the dried or dehydrated product prepared from unripe mango flesh in the form of peeled slices or powder used for acidification of curries etc. Invariably under-ripe and wind fallen seedlings or country mangoes are utilized for the manufacture of Amchur. Amchur is produced mostly in the northern states of India.

Camphor or Karpoor is well known for its aroma. In fact it is well known all over the world and is part of various religious and social rituals in entire Oriental world. However very few of us know that it is of plant origin.

Arrowroot PlantArrowroot is a rhizome which is oval shaped but curved like ginger. Leaves are long each 60 to 90 cm long. Inflorescence axis is 30 cm long, full of flowers. Flowers are white or yellow or indigo colored. Flowers appear during April/May and fruits thereafter.

Kasturi is the Indian term for musk. It is generally believed that musk is a type of perfume extracted from a type of deer those are found in colder region. In Vedic Hinduism Kasturi or musk is used almost in all the rituals. But on the other hand it was a taboo to use any material in various rituals extracted from dead animals. The two principles and practices naturally contradict each other. On further scrutiny it is noticed that the Vedic Aryans used extract of seed of a small plant that gives same perfume or odor.
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