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Miscellaneous - Spice Producing Areas
MiscellaneousAsafoetid or Asafoetida is the dried latex or oleo gum, oleoresin exuded from the living rhizome or root stock or taproot of several species of Ferula, three of which grow in India, mainly in Kashmir. These are the perennial herbs belonging to the genus Ferula, which are the source of the oleo gum resins used as condiment as well as in medicines. The species are distributed from the Mediterranean region to Central Asia.

The biggest Clove producing region in the world today is Zanzibar, followed by Pemba, Madagascar and Indonesia. Clove is also produced in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Haiti, but not in commercially significant quantities. The major importers of clove are the USA, India, Germany and France.

Karpoor originated in China, Japan and Far Eastern countries and was first planted and propagated in India in the year 1802 A.D., at Botanical Garden, Kolkata. The plant grows well up to an altitude of 4000 ft above sea level, and is being cultivated in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, particularly on the hilly tracts.

Musk Mallow grows wild in Himalayan tract from Kashmir to Sikkim and entire North Eastern India. There is scope for its growth on high altitude places of Nilgiri hills and Western Ghats.
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