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Regional Recipes
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Regional RecipesIndia is a vast country with many states. Every state has their own unique recipes and style of cooking. All the spices used in the cooking of these foods remain the same but the usage varies with every changing state.Three functions of spices in Indian cooking - medicinal, preservative, and seasoning - got separated with the passing time.

Earlier, taste was the criteria for using a specific spice or herb. As more and more master chefs and gourmets research the origin of Indian cuisine to seasons, festivals and regions of India, there is a better understanding of the role played by spices in our well-being. It is rightly said: You are what you eat. We Indians have always known that, which is why herbs and spices, found in every home, are incorporated into our foods and beverages for better health. Not only does the food look, smell and taste delicious, it heals, soothes and rejuvenates.

Ayurveda, the indigenous system of Indian medicine, uses a large number of spices in its combination of preventive and curative medicines. The proponents of Ayurveda, understood the importance of preventing diseases and used key spices to achieve this objective.

The spices used for cooking should not be have disparate flavours, or taste raw. No one spice should over-power the other and be so intrusive as to completely hide the true taste of the vegetable or meat being cooked. It should help maintain and enhance the character of the dish, give it colour and fragrance. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us