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Rosemary Spice Farming
Rosemarydetails of the Plant
It is an evergreen shurb highly aromatic and greatly valued for medicine and food. The plant has woody trunk . The leaves are linear and revolute (slightly incurved) green on the dorsal side and woolly grayish on the ventral side. On the ventral sides glands are situated. Tac flowers are pale blue in clusters. The calyx contains lot of oils.

Plantation It can be planted by seeds, cuttings, and division of roots and layering.

Seeds: Fine quality plants are obtained from the seeds but it is difficult to germinate the seeds. Sow the seeds in shallow drills at 15 cm apart Transpalnt the seeding to the nursery bed at 15 cm apart when it is few cm height. After sufficient growth transplant the seedings to the man field at 90 cm.

Cuttings: Propagation by cuttings is easier when the palnt flowers. Take healthy cuttings 15 cm height and plant in a sandy soil in a shady place.

Root division : This could be done on an established bush for every 2-3 yeaers. This prevent the plant becoming leggy and ensures leaves to have green colour.

Layering: This is done by pegging lower branches under a sandy soil.

Protection: The plant should be protected from cold winds and frost. Necessary protection measures should be done to prevent the damage.

Harvest: Rosemary can be harvested from 2nd year after planting at any time of the year. If it is harvested from 2nd year after planting at any time of the year. If it is harvested for drying cut the new shoots that have hardened. The leaves should be taken straight to the drying chamber to prevent the loss of volatile oil.
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