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Yellow Zeodary root
Yellow Zeodary rootBotanical name:Curcuma aromatica Salisb.
Family name:Zingiberaceae.

Indian names are as follows:
Hindi:Jangli Haldi
Bengali:Ban Halud
Meitei:Tekhau Yaikhu
Sanskrit:Vana Haridra.

English names:Wild Turmeric, Yellow Zedoary.

The rhizome produces a light yellow coloring matter like turmeric. However, it produces camphoraceous odor. All the parts of the plant are aromatic with agreeable taste. The young shoots and tender rhizome are used as vegetable in boiled chutneys.

Rhizome on acetone extraction yields colorless oil, curcumin and a phytosterol and azulenogic oil having pinene, camphor, arturmerone and l-alpha and l-beta curcumene.

It has been utilized same way as other plants of this genus. As spice it has an edge over others for its camphor odor. Even as medicine its use had been identical to turmeric and other plants of the genus.
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